About Us

Born in Dallas, Texas and now residing in Boulder, Colorado, J.B. Hall, Sr., the “Rev” behind Rev’s Ribs, LLC, has been barbecuing for over twenty years. The Rev cultivated his passion for food at a young age while learning from his Uncle Cornelius Davis. Grilling up a rack of mouthwatering, fall-off-the-bone ribs was an art form for Uncle Cornelius, and J.B., Sr. continues this family tradition by instilling love into every plate. Over the years, J.B., Sr. has perfected his signature dry rub and sauce and uses real wood smoke; his flavorful ribs have always been in high demand at family gatherings, church functions, graduations, and reunions. In 2008, J.B., Sr.’s children made him a custom apron for Father’s Day with the name “Rev’s Ribs.” They must have caught a whiff of the future, because now Rev’s Ribs is here to satisfy your BBQ cravings. J.B., Sr. and his family believe in heavenly food and conversation, so come on by for a hearty serving of Southern hospitality and a plate of the tastiest BBQ this side of Texas!